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About Us
Indian Massage in budapest

About Sparsha

Sparsh is the sanskrit word for touch

It is also defined as the coming together of three factors; the sense organ, the sense object, and sense consciousness (vijnana).

Sparsha developed its roots from a traditional Vaidya home based at Kerala, India. The family has been continuing its rich heritage in Ayurveda with the knowledge and experience gained over 50years. Many Vaidya’s (Ayurvedic practitioners ) were trained by our Great Vaidya, Shankara. He has been recognized for his greater contribution in the field of Ayurveda & its treatments.

We now combine our traditions, knowledge and work experience to present you with our authentic, holistic services here in Hungary.

Meet our specialist from Kerala, south India state. We invite you for a free consultation called DOSHA test, with our specialist who determines your body constitution and share valuable recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

We also additionally offer an access by means of a webinar facility to consult with our Ayurvedic doctors directly from the home of Ayurveda, Kerala, on specific disorders and advices. Book your timings to avail this opportunity.

The Ayurveda facial is a natural remedy to get rid of facial blemishes and bring the skin glow again. Forget the days of unknown chemicals applied on your skin. With Sparsha, you will personally be a part while preparation of our unique mix of 6 Ayurvedic herbs from Kerala. Our expert will share the medicinal features of herbs being applied and we guarantee the results.

With highest quality of materials and equipments, experience the beauty of our nail designs from our experts. We are sure of providing you a energetic and healthy environment, while we build your dream nails.

Our Team

Wellness in Hungary

Ramesh Kunnath

Founding member of Sparsha, well experienced in various global organizations focusing on strategy and consulting for more than 10 years. Inspired from the traditional traits and health benefits of Ayurveda from Kerala, Kunnath and team wished to expand to Europe, to propagate the benefits of natural Ayurveda and improve the health habits. Kunnath is also instrumental in launching our new clothing brand of Sparsha, a premium handmade Pashmina product directly from place of origin Kashmir, also thereby passionately supporting his local handloom weavers and traders.

Wellness in budapest

Girish Mokeri

Founding member of Sparsha. He is an Ayurvedic & Panchakarma Specialist from Kerala, holdshis Doctor degree in branch of Naturopathy . With years of working experience in India together with last 4years in different countries of Europe, he got specialized in Ayurvedic health treatments , blessed to be trained from his Guru Shankaran, well known Vaidya. His passion in life is dedicated towards Ayurveda and he is keen on research in developing new methods of therapies & yoga. He shares his experience of comparing Allopathy, Ayurveda and other systems of medicine and found thatAyurveda was the best medicine system because of no side-effects and its focus on healing the root cause of diseases with natural herbs. He convey his accomplishment and honor, when he see his guests satisfied & share their positive experience. He express to render his good services to our Sparsha guests.

Wellness in hungary

Edit Troll Kunnath

Founding member of Sparsha. She takes care of customer relations and unit administration. Mrs Kunnath is highly creative and passionate about new fashion trends in industry and introduced our clothing brand. Started her career in Banking industry with background of economics & teaching, but soon realized her passion in Heath and Beauty segment.

Brand Partners

Divya Jithesh, Hungary

From India, living in Budapest for last 10years. Exposed to different positions in various cultural associations, she carries her extensive skills of integrating cultures. Within her knowledge of Kerala traditions together with her local networks, she is a great asset to our organization.

Stanislav Rubin, Russia

A passionate business man from Russia and person who loves travelling, greatly known for his innovative ideas among his circles. Graduated from CEU Hungary, Stan highly wish his fellow mates to experience natural Ayurveda and follow natural healing wellness treatments.

Our Mentor


Known Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala, has been working for Kottakal AryaVaidya Sala. He will assist Sparsha customers with inputs on their specific body illness and recommendations.

Media Partners

Bash Pattambi (Tenz Media)

A creative photographer from India, his candid clicks captured many appreciations from various fashion and media industries. With his sound experience & his creations, Bash could help Sparsha to reach its customers.