Ayurveda Beauty Care

Sparsha own developed natural face mix from 6 herbs. Be a part of this experience by creating your face mix together with our specialist

Ayurveda Beauty Care

MUKHALEPAM – Ayurvedic care for your face

We developed this facial from various herbs, saffron oils and fruits pulp to nourish your skin from the inside out. This facial is skin protection therapy where face is massaged with herbal beauty mix. Avoids wrinkles, prevents skin ageing & gives a good skin tone. Organic facial is 100% chemical free.

Duration of 50min – 14,000 HUF

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Breast care in Ayurveda

Many ladies enquire is it really possible to have a breast care and enhancement  in a natural Ayurvedic way?
Yes, Ayurveda, the ancient knowledge of earth is known for certain herbs and treatments to breast care, increase your breast size and correct all metabolic disorders of your body.
Using nature’s power is what we specialize in. These Ayurvedic treatments not only increase the size of the breast but also give firm beautiful shape to their sagging breasts. The breast enhancement works in a period of 2-3 months, without causing any side effects.
Before puberty, the male and female breasts are the same. The production of estrogen during the adolescent years triggers the growth of female breast tissue. Estrogen increases fat in the breast, plus milk lobes and ducts, which all add to the size of the breasts. It is crucial to understand this vital role of estrogen, as how to get bigger breasts naturally and safely relies upon this biological mechanism.
Now that you have an idea of how nature makes your breasts grow, we encourage you to make use of Ayurvedic treatments & herbs which are effective in breast care and natural enhancement.

Pricing to be consulted at Sparsha

Benefits of Ayurveda organic facial

  •  Ayurveda facial busts all your beauty woes like tanning , dark skin, wrinkles ,dryness ,dullness.
  •  Organic facial does not clean your face superficially .It cleanses your skin deep down ,as a result            your skin feels squeaky clean and resplendent.
  •  It is a sort of anti-oxidants facial which can heal sun burnt skin very effectively.it is a store house          of anti-bacterial properties ,therefore, it is immensely helpful in cleansing and granting luster to            your skin from the outside.
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