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Sparsha welcomes you to our exclusive Health and Beauty services.

Sparsha Ayurveda, follows the traditional principles of the Indian medical system of Ayurveda. Our treatments include Massage/Health therapies and herbal Ayurvedic facials, fully embracing the traditional essence of Ayurveda, right here at Budapest .

The word Sparsha means "healing touch" in Sanskrit. We dream of a community, where every individual is blessed with good health. We, at Sparsha propagate the importance of leading a healthy life and provide natural remedies that cater to building healthy way of life. Our Ayurvedic specialists are at your service, who will guide you through various treatments and Yoga which effectively boosts lifestyle. You will also get to know more about our Ayurvedic products that’s suits your body.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Sparsha aspire to encourage a healthy and natural Ayurvedic way of life


Meet our specialist from Kerala, south India state. We invite you for a free consultation called DOSHA test, with our specialist who determines your body .

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The Ayurveda facial is a natural remedy to get rid of facial blemishes and bring the skin glow again. Forget the days of unknown chemicals applied on your skin. With Sparsha, you will personally be a part while preparation of our unique mix of 6

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  • Massage experience : Szabó Andrea,

    Very effective treatment, impressive professionalism and great place. I got cured already in two weeks’ time. I will definitely return in case of any imbalance. Thank you!

  • Massage experience : Soumya Chandran,

    Very effective treatments in a very professional manner. The prices are reasonable and the results are very satisfactory. My knee injury was completely healed in just 3 sessions of treatment. I would highly recommend Sparsha Ayurveda for ayurvedic treatments or massages

  • Massage experience : Divya Jithesh ,

    The treatments was very professional. I feel really refreshed. I highly recommend Sparsha Ayurveda.

  • Massage experience : Ajai Ramachandran ,

    So good to have such an Authentic Ayurvedic place in Budapest.

  • Massage experience : Minou Modarressy ,

    Fantastic treatments!!!! And very fair prices!!!!

  • Massage experience : Edit Tolvaj ,

    Ezúton is szeretném kifejezni köszönetem a Sparsha-nak és Girish Ji-nek , aki a régóta fennálló emésztési problémám megoldásában a Panchakarmával segített.

  • Massage experience : Tóth Erzsébet,

    Szívből ajánlom mindenkinek, aki igazi relaxálásra, és egyben testi-lelki felfrissülésre is vágyik!

  • Massage experience : Barbara Sandor,

    Great location. Newly decorated place. Professional attitude, appointment was sharp on time. I tried so I would recommend full body massage to everyone. :)

  • Massage experience : Karin Isaksen ,Denmark

    Man er virkelig i gode hænder, og jeg følte mig, som født på ny! Hele kroppen blev gennem massageret og jeg havde det pragtfuldt bagefter! Det var en fantastisk behandling og oplevelse, den specielle massageteknik gjorde virkelig noget godt for min krop. Det er stærkt vanedannende

  • Massage experience : Minou Modarressy ,Austria

    Fantastic treatments. And very fair prices.